This is posted for the  Write31days challenge.

Help Frog

It’s 6:00 pm. I’m tired.  I’ve just left work.  Speeding out of the parking lot to get to my home, my sanctuary I remember…

No food.  Got to make a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home.

While in the store and trying to remember if there are eggs in the refrigerator, I hear this scream.

A woman is running toward me, arms flailing, screaming at the top of her lungs and crying, “Oh, my God, my purse! Where’s my purse?”

Like a freeze mob, strangers in the grocery store stop and look around to locate the scream. Then within seconds like Clark Kent to Superman these grocery store heathens become helpers.  Some become investigators asking her questions about her purse, others runners, sprinting to the parking lot to search carts, some reporters explaining to the security officer and store manager the facts as they knew them and another a confidant that listened as she lamented, “My life is in that purse.”


After a few frantic moments the purse was found. Another stranger placed it in the lost and found and her “life” was returned. Nothing was stolen. Afterwards, someone said,  “She was going to give me a heart attack. I was so worried.”

Wait, what just happened here? What turned grocery-store shoppers into super heros? The complacent into caregivers? Strangers into servants?  Heathens into helpers.

Compassion. It focuses you on more important things, things greater than self.

Before her scream, we were all dragging ourselves into the grocery store to get Hamburger Helper. Before her scream, we were listening to the voices in our head, wallowing in our own anxious thoughts.   Before her scream, we were scattered. Afterwards, focused. Before, self-absorbed.  Afterwards, listeners.  Before face-to-iPhone.  Afterwards, face-to-face.

I am grateful to God for changing my focus from myself to others, to serving.  I could keep up acts of service while serving the green beans at dinner tonight. I could make the dinner experience more delicious by focusing a little less on myself, and a little more on family and friends. I could become focused, attentive, listening, face-to-face instead of face-to-iPhone.  I could keep it going, giving and receiving His compassion.

“I have called you friends.” Jesus in John 15:15

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. Mahatma Ghandi

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