A psychologist once said that if he could convince his patients that they could be relieved of all of their guilt, 75% would recover more quickly.

Guilt gripped me for years after I got divorced because some close to me said it was against our faith.  I felt isolated and alienated.  One of my friends who was also divorced well described how she felt around some who didn’t approve of her decision as,  “I felt like I had a terminal disease that was contagious.”

Along with the guilt from “You are a Christian and you shouldn’t be divorced,” I lived by a long list of “should have dones” for myself, including

  • You should be thinner
  • You should be a better wife
  • You could treat your parents better
  • You’re not as successful as you should be
  • If you had just taken Sister Sally’s advice you would be fine now.

And the list can go on and on.

Day12 GuiltOne of the most freeing things I’ve learned over the years is that God is not up there sitting on His throne mad at me. In fact, He loves me. He is not keeping score. He doesn’t have a “should have done” list for me. And, He is willing to let me exchange my guilt for His forgiveness. He loves me just as I am.

What do you feel guilty about? You may be saying, “nothing.” If that’s you, you have learned the valuable lesson of yielding to the Lord. But if you do feel guilty about things you have done, you can submit that to the Lord now. He will take your guilt and you can be free knowing, “He accepts me right now just as I am.”