I Have a Secret

One of my favorite episodes of the comedy, “Everybody Loves Raymond” is when Raymond’s wife, Debra is being thrown a surprise birthday party – only it ended up not being a surprise because Raymond told her. Also, he told the “surprisers” before she arrived for her “surprise” birthday party.  So, everyone knew, it was no longer a secret.   It’s hard to keep a secret.

When I know a good secret, I feel happy and “in the know.”  When I was about six years old, my mother was planning a surprise birthday celebration for my aunt.  While Moma was spreading a thick layer of icing on the coconut-layer cake, I ran out to greet my arriving aunt and instead of saying, ‘Hi,” I blurted out, “Moma made a cake for your birthday.” Couldn’t help it.  The secret was out. I guess it was hard for me to keep a secret too!

Life can seem like just one big secret.  The biggest fears we have as humans are the Great Unknowns – who to marry, where to live, what job to take, how to be successful.  All seem like mysteries. This is why I love the passage in Psalms 25:14, in the New King James Version that says that God actually shares secrets with us. That means two things to me:  1)  God has the answer  and 2)  He is willing to share answers with us.

This doesn’t mean that God will tell us everything of course.  He wants us to trust Him, especially when we can’t see all the way.

But if we want guidance today, it is ours for the asking.  In fact, God wants to and will guide us.  The question is, will we follow?  Today, if we open our hearts to the inner guidance available to us, we will get answers.  It will come through His Words, through the Spirit, gently touching our minds and filling our hearts with peace. Look for it.  It could come while looking at nature, through a still small voice inside, or a little child.

Just be listening.  And when He tells you His secrets, follow.

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