I played the lottery on my father’s birthday…here’s what happened

We have 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts per day, many repeats like “What will I have for dinner?”  But some are random, like this number that flashed across my mind in black and white several weeks ago.

As random thoughts go, I forgot about it, but then the random thought repeated, popped into my head while thinking about something else.  Time passed but the number didn’t.

After telling my husband about it, he mused, “that could be a winning lottery number.” I laughed. Then, went on with my life.

But random number repeated, flashing across my mind, three, gray numbers that  appeared like a black-and-white TV show from the 60’s. The number is mixed with a feeling, an impression.  It’s not just seeing the number but feeling it in some way.  And by the way, the number is disassociated with any number that repeats in my life such as my phone number, birthday or anniversary.  It truly is random.

So, I asked God to tell me what to do with the number.

Time passed.

But then, on my father’s birthday the number appeared again and this time the “impression” was with a sense of urgency.  I sensed that I was to do something with the number right then and I wondered if it really was the winning lottery number.

Now, there’s a little rabbit-trail to make with this story.  My father taught me a lot about money – to make it, cherish it, use it.  He didn’t serve money but money did serve him, taking care of a family of girls on a manufacturing worker’s pay.  Since he has passed away I’ve seen in my mind him throwing coins into a body of water.

Back to the numbers story. So, I went to my favorite grocery store and had a nice chat with the clerk who had to explain to me how to play.    Using the ‘one-off’ option for the Daily 3, I bet a very small amount with the hopes of increasing my chances of winning. When playing one off the ticket plays numbers one-off from the number you bet.  For example, if you played “123,” “234” is a winning number.

I put the ticket in my purse.

That night around 12:00 midnight I got an impression that the number I was seeing and that I played was the winning number.

I googled “winning lottery numbers” for my state. And, guess what, it was the winning lottery number on my father’s birthday.

Here’s the catch.  Since I played “one-off” I didn’t win.  When you play one off the actual number you pick isn’t played but one-off of the number.

I was happy anyway – here’s why.

The number that was “flashing” in front of me I still believe was God speaking because He’s spoken to me before using His Word, but He also speaks through experiences, just as He did to people in the Bible.

The message to me from this experience was you did win the lottery.  Look at your life.  It is filled with experiences of God providing over and over again in “random” ways.

I’m a winner anyway – winning lottery number or not.  Although I’m not opposed to God using that method if He chooses to.

God speaks in all kinds of ways.

What do you think?  Has God spoken to you?

Dot’s “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Another “Message from Mama” article for the write31days challenge.

According to the book of Dot, there are some things that work and some that don’t.



Don’t let one set back destroy your life.  You will make mistakes.  You are human.  That’s okay.  Mourn what you’ve lost, but then, it’s over.  Go on with your life, to your next challenge or next fun thing to do.   God isn’t holding a setback against you.  He loves you.

Dictate to your husband what to do.   If you demand that a man do something, this is  almost a guarantee that he will not do it.  If you want him to do something, anything, pray first.   Discuss the problem and work on things together.  God may direct the two of you to a better option than the one you came up with alone.   And, if your husband does what you want, thank God and then say, “Honey, what a great idea you came up with.”

Don’t take your anger out on your child, teach them.  God knows your nervousness (stress).  You may get frustrated and want to take it out on your child, but don’t.   Instead, calm down.  Slow down.  Pray.  Listen to him/her.  If they are acting out, find out what’s wrong first.  The child may genuinely have a problem.  Remember they are just “little people.”

Don’t do wrong expecting right to follow.  You can’t treat people wrong and expect them to turn around and treat you right.  They might treat you right out of the goodness of their hearts, but that’s grace.  In fact, just treat everybody right.  It’s simpler.

Don’t by cheap stuff. Cheap is too expensive.

Don’t tell everybody your business.  Be careful of confidants.


Dot said some things do work.

Don’t leave your house without praying.  God will speak to you through His Word and to your Spirit.  Pray and He will make what is confusing clear.

Go to church. Be with people.  You need them.

Give money, save money  You will be pleasing God as well as reap what you have sown.  Spend a little money too for things you want.  Just don’t over do it.  Live within your means.

Take care of yourself.  Go to the beauty shop (or barber shop), take care of your body it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.  You are a steward of it.

Stand on the Word and expect God to answer your prayer.  God answers prayer. period.

Have some fun everyday.


Later, Hater, While I Eat My Now & Laters, Drink Your Haterade, While I Drink My Kool aid, and make mine fruit punch

This blog post is for the Write 31 days challenge, “Messages from Mama” series.

Haters, Now & Laters and Koolaid are all a part of my childhood.

Now & Later is the name of a candy that comes in little individually wrapped squares, then sold in a row sealed in plastic, in flavors like grape, lemon, banana. Unbeknownst to my mother,  with my $1.00 allowance I filled my brown bag from the convenience store with Now & Later packs, Lemonheads, Boston Baked Beans and other sundry, sugary items that resulted in thousands of dollars in dental bills later.


“Hater” and “Hater-ade” are recent urban terms for an old experience.  “Hater” is someone who is jealous or hates you.  Used in a sentence, “The “Hater” should go drink her “Hater-ade,” like someone would chug down Gatorade.

Haters, Now & Laters and Koolaid are all a part of my childhood.

As a child, I had a “friend,” well at least someone who I thought was my friend.  We were like, well “peas and carrots.”  She was popular and I really wasn’t, and she liked me.  We would hold hands, go over each other’s houses, even our dolls were friends.

Day30 Frank Sinatra

We made cakes in our Easy Bake Oven. But, then one day, she just turned.  Instead of walking to school together, she walked past me – didn’t speak.  I thought maybe she didn’t see me.  But after school, she walked out with two more girls and right past me.  After a few days I was able to catch her alone and asked why.  She just laughed. our friendship was over.

“Well, I don’t know what happened, honey but sometimes people are jealous. Even hate you when you haven’t done anything to them,” Mama said while I cried at our kitchen table the place where my mother fed us physical and spiritual food.

Big tear drops falling on the table, “Jealous? Hate Me? Why? I couldn’t accept this from a friend who ate grape Now & Laters with me when I did nothing to her.

“There was a child in the Bible named Joseph who was the son of Jacob who had brothers who hated him and yet he did nothing to them either,” Mama continues while she stirs the cup of sugar, fruit punch Koolaid, water and ice in the glass pitcher.  One day he told them about a dream, that he didn’t interpret at the time, but his brothers knew it spoke of Joseph’s future.   They hated him for his dream. So, you know what they did?”

fruit punchMama consoles while she pours me a cup of fruit punch and makes me a sandwich, “They sold him into slavery. His own brothers were jealous.  According to historians, he was just 17 years old.”

Hater’s drinking a lot of haterade.

Perplexed I say, “His brothers didn’t like him, but he didn’t do anything to them!”

Mama again, “That’s right.   So you can be the gift of God you are, loved by God Himself and still be hated by others for no reason. But God was still with Joseph.  Although he was a slave, he ended up in the palace, reporting to the head man, Potiphar.  Whatever Joseph did, he did it well.

And Potiphar favored Joseph.  But some favor is not so good, because he was also favored by Potiphar’s wife.    She tried to trick him into doing the wrong thing, but he wouldn’t. Joseph was fine, like that little boy you like in school. You know?  So, she lied on him to her husband. Joseph, due to no fault of his own, goes from the palace to  prison.

Joseph suffered but then, but God…

Even in prison he became like a prison warden because along with being fine, he was also smart.

The dream gift God gave him that originally got him into slavery, later got him out of prison.  While in prison he interpreted a prisoner’s dream.  That prisoner was released and became a servant of the king.  Years later, when the King had a disturbing dream that couldn’t be interpreted, the prisoner-turned-servant remembered that there was a Dream Interpreter in prison, Joseph. Joseph interpreted the king’s dream and in one interaction, one moment, he went from prison to the palace again.  Joseph prospered and he blessed others to prosper – running things, getting married, living his life, like it’s golden.

That’s not where the story ends.  Joseph’s brothers, the same ones who sold him into slavery, ended up having to ask him for food. they ran out of food in their city and had to go to the city where Joseph ruled.  Yes, the same ones who enslaved him, Joseph now had the authority to enslave.

But he didn’t. And Joseph wasn’t perfect, he played around, scared them a little when they came to him for food.  They didn’t recognize him because the last time they saw him, he was a runt.  But when they faced him he was a fine, multi-lingual, sharp-dressed CEO.  He could have harmed, but he blessed them instead, giving them food and money.

But, baby girl, this is what I want you to know from this whole story.  Even if people hate you, God loves you.  And even though dreams are deferred, keep dreaming. And even though people harm you, if at all possible, bless them.  And even though family relationships are broken, they can be restored.  And even though you’ve experienced rejection, you can be healed.  And even in adversity, you can be excellent. And even though you suffer, you can say like,  Joseph, ‘God has made me to forget my suffering.’  None of that mattered to Joseph in the end.  Only love remained.

You Meant Evil, God Meant it for good. Genesis 50-20

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Dorothy Richards, Happy Birthday & Transition Day, Oct 15



Victim or Victor

Victim or Victor

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. (I Peter 2:9).

We can all fall prey to victim thinking – that “woe is me I have a lot of problems, I have no control, ‘they’ are out to get me thinking like

“She walked by me and didn’t speak.”

“I can’t ever have a good relationship.”

“Why does he always get the good women, the good jobs . . .”

“I can’t do anything about my situation.”

The children of Israel thought like victims too, even after God promised them wealth, freedom and prosperity through the promise land.

A few went to preview the promised land in Numbers 13.  The victors said, “It is a land flowing with milk and honey. We are well able to take the land.” The victims said,

And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight. (KJV)

This is not what God said they were, but that’s the way they saw themselves . . . as grasshoppers.  When they saw themselves as grasshoppers, that is what they became.  

If you see yourself as a victim you will become one. Others will see you as a victim and victimize you. Do you see the cycle? It’s a vicious one. Until you renew your mind the cycle will continue. Victims is see things through the eyes of self-pity, lack of self-worth and powerless.

Today, just choose to see yourself as worthy.


Start to see yourself as Christ proclaims, a conqueror. You are a victor and you have the victory in Christ. See yourself as running toward the dawning of a new day. In Christ all things are possible. It is possible to change your heart to a heart that is full of the love of Christ. When your heart is full of the love of Christ, there is no room to be a victim. You begin to see how your actions contribute to the situation you are in. You begin to take control of the situation or the acts of faith to cause His kingdom to come, now, into your circumstance. You have the power to speak to the darkness, to right what is going wrong in your life. God will give you the wisdom, the power, the actions to take to address whatever is coming against you.

A victor sees God’s promise in every situation. If you feel lonely, don’t become a victim to it. Say aloud, “God has said that He would never leave me nor forsake me.”

A victor loves others unconditionally. It is to see others as God sees them. It is to be merciful and gracious even to those who are not to you.

A victor hears The Victor in them over the victim.

The ultimate result will be that your actions will line up with God’s Word. You will hear God speak to you in a personal way. You will see His mercy over judgment. Your victimization will end. You won’t have any difficulty finding someone to love you because everyone loves a victor!

It is impossible to think like a victim and act like Romans 8:11 is true which says, “That same Spirit that raised up Christ from the dead IS ALIVE in you.”

You Are Powerful and you are loved.

The scriptures say in I Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  You have a position of power greater than the president of your company in Christ.  You are God’s child.

Therefore, live this way. You are not dependent on any other to affirm your value. If you ever have any question about your value, just think about what Jesus did on Calvary. He paid the ransom for you. You are valuable to Him.

God Answers Prayer

Does God give us what we want, like a job, car, house, a mate?

Or, does He only give us  spiritual “wants” such as righteousness, peace and joy?

And is it better to  ask God for spiritual things versus material things?  Is it OK to ask for both?

Let’s look at our ultimate example, Jesus.

  • Did Jesus pray for material things?             Answer:    Yes.
  • Did Jesus pray for spiritual things?              Answer:   Yes.
  • Does God answer both types of prayers?
  • Answer: Yes, and sometimes when you pray you will get what you want.  Here’s my testimony.

My sister, mother and I were at breakfast diving into our favorite pancakes, breakfast hash and bacon when I said, “I have lost something.”

My sister said, “what?”

I said, “my antioxidant serum.

This is not an advertisement for skincare, but this product is so effective that it clears up my dry skin problems within a few days.  But, it’s not cheap. So, when I was able to buy the product using my VISA points, the modern day version of S&H stamps, I was really excited.

And, really disappointed when I  misplaced this jar of liquid gold and couldn’t find it – anywhere.

But right then, I had a flashback about an experience years before losing something.

It was a  gold-plated stereo thing-a-ma-bob, an adapter I used to mix cassette tapes of music and sermons for my mother.
ThingamabobI was disappointed when I lost it because my mother enjoyed my mixtapes so much. So, I prayed to God to help me find it.  Within a few moments the stereo adapter and its location appeared across the screen of my mind, like it appears above. I went right to it and was my mother’s DJ again.

God answered my prayer.

Fast forward to the present problem. Hadn’t I lost something?  Hadn’t I wanted it? Is God still the same?  Hadn’t I prayed . . . . .

Wait a minute, nope, negative, nein, nyet I hadn’t prayed. So, right then, I did. Prayed I mean. Seems frivolous, right, to pray about a missing skin care product, but it worked  years ago, maybe it would work now.

So, I asked God to help me find it, thanked Him.  Forgot about it.

A few days after praying, I was driving into my garage, and felt “a nudge” to look in our recycle trash bin. I opened the bin and sitting right on top was this…


There it was…perfectly intact, the full jar not even dirtied-up with the other recycled trash nor a drop of it spilled. I thanked God for hearing me.

So, you may be saying I’ve prayed for things and didn’t get them.

Yes, that happens, but many times I have prayed and many times I have gotten exactly what I wanted.

So, am I lucky? No. Is this situation unusual? I don’t believe so.

If you are a praying person, who walks and stumbles trying to walk with God and you look back over your life, you’ll see that you too have gotten what you wanted.

Let me tell you what I’m not saying – I’m not saying that God is your magician or that praying is like playing the”Ask the 8 Ball” game, where you ask a question and the 8 ball answers with a  “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.” God wants a relationship with you, experiences with you.  Those experiences include answered prayer. But those experiences also include uncertainty, struggle, waiting and wondering if He will answer.   Those experiences include times of laughter and tears, sorrow and joy. He wants you to know Him, like any other relationship. What makes Him sad, angry, happy, laugh, what’s important to Him.  And He wants to talk to you, give you answers to what you want that are richer, more beautiful than just “yes,” “no,” or “maybe.”  He’s nuanced, splendid, dynamic and complicated. He’s all together lovely and all together loving.

Prayer Window

And, He answers prayer

  • But rather seek ye first the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33
  • Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Luke 12:31-32
  • Give us this day our daily bread. Matthew 6:11
  • Whatever you ask the Father in my name, I will do it. John 14:14

Message from Momma on Prayer 

My Momma left a message on my voice mail that I’ve played many times for encouragement.  You can hear it below.  May it speak to your heart.  She calls me “Pookie Tail” as a term of endearment.