Writing in Complete Chaos

DAY 1 POST:  I debated about entering the Write 31 days challenge this year as I am writing during a period of “complete chaos” as the blog post title states.  Just a little about it

My father, one of the loves of my life just passed

My mother, another love of my life is grieving from that loss which doubles the heart ache

My career is full of details and deadlines to meet and uncertainty

The love of my life my husband and I are thinking about our own future as we enter that happy middle – middle age in the midwest, in the middle of America…

All of this is happening and right now, I feel a little lost.

Added to this angst is the thought, is this really worth the time?  Will anyone read these posts?  Who is listening anyway?

And after talking to God about it, I put all of that in His hands and thought, “we’ll go on this journey together, Lord, if for no other reason than to develop our relationship.”

Maybe it’s just for me – for a closer walk with Him.  Maybe it’s just for the love of it – the love of God, the love of words, the love of Him who is called the Word.

With keyboard and screen, as so many times before, I write.

I do want whoever is reading this to know, that Jesus does talk because if He didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this post, come this far, experienced joy in sorrow, taken that risk, developed relationships, forgiven self and others, made a move, trusted instead of feared, received the best things in life, love, joy and peace.

I look forward to going on this journey with you, Loved One, if you’re out there, but if  no one reads this post, other than me, it’s also okay.  Because Jesus is talking, Jesus is talking. And I want to listen.


Quote, Lord Byron

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